The Purpose of My Personal Coding Blog

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first of all

From the beginning, I have always wanted to share the things I wish I had known earlier in my coding journey. Finding resources and support can be challenging, and this is why I decided to start my own blog.

I was inspired by an insightful post on mypy, which led me to another post about the importance of taking notes. This convinced me to create my own platform.

Here’s what you can expect to find on my blog:

1. Uploading my personal notes

I compile notes from various sources such as online courses, StackOverflow searches, TikTok tips, YouTube shorts, and other useful ideas I come across.

2. Expressing my beliefs on improving content creation

I believe in making coding more accessible, especially for newcomers. When I began my coding journey, I encountered numerous unfamiliar terms. Even after searching for explanations, it often became overwhelming. I want to foster a community that welcomes beginners and makes them feel at ease rather than confused.

3. Sharing valuable hints and resources

I aim to pass down useful knowledge to others. This includes sharing low-count star repositories on GitHub that solve common and overlooked problems. Additionally, I will provide tips and tricks using popular tools like git and the shell.

By creating this coding blog, I hope to contribute to the programming community and make the coding journey a little smoother for everyone.

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