Module Bundlers

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I still don’t understand well enough module bundlers (I mean, who does it?). But here are some resources and some notes that I took in my way to achieve an understanding.

Li Hau Tan is the core maintainer of Svelte, so he can know a thing or two about this topic.

Module Bundlers

AFAIK, these are the available module bundlers

  • Webpack, is the most popular, used and oldest of all.
  • Rollup is an alternative. Similar to webpack.
  • Vite is another alternative focused on bundling tiny JS files, instead of one big file. The browser can route to each file when needed, so the site theoretically loads faster.
  • Parcel is yet another alternative, with focus in zero config to run the most popular file types used in web development. As it written in Rust, it competes to be the fastest module bundler available.
  • esbuild is yet another module bundler built with go, which gives this package a tremendous jump in terms of speed.
  • turbo is the new guy in the neighborhood, and is fast
  • Snowpack is yet another popular framework, but it was deprecated in April 2022.

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