My tools

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I have many tools which easy my work (almost) everyday, here are a few of them. I’ll promise I’ll update if a new toy comes to the playground!


📓 and its Extensions

Terminal Apps

As for the CLI tools, if available, I prefer tools developed in Rust, because usually runs in every OS flawlessly, nonetheless I also have many others:

  • pipx for the global tools in python (black, flake8, pipenv, mypy, pre-commit, all-repos, etc).

  • Github CLI is amazing.

  • Gitlab also has a CLI.

  • I use scoop package manager a lot.

  • ripgrep is your faster, better, stronger grep (and runs in Windows!)

  • exa a modern replacement for ls. (Works on linux tho). (Works only on linux tho)

  • For Windows PowerShell I use Terminal-Icons terminal-icons preview

  • bat a cat clone, but better.

  • I also use a series of apps to manage versions of common tools, like:

    • pyenv-win to manage python versions (so you can select which version python and manage installations).
    • fnm (fast NodeJS Manager) is a NodeJS version manager written in Rust. Yes, you need that.
    • You want something to watch your files for changes and excecute a command when detect a difference? [watchfiles] got you covered