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Here are my typescript notes:


The heart of typescript is in the typing objects. By doing so, you can prevent failures at build time because typescript will warn you if a type doesn’t match the result.

Do you want yo learn the basics? I can recommend this live with Matt Pocock

What is Zod

It is a superset of of typescript that enable you to specify types of typescript with a schema and some additional configurations.Learn it here with WebDevSimplified

What is tRPC

It is a form to send and recieve types through an API. Here is explained by WebDevSimplified

I prefer normal functions over arrow functions most of the time

This video explains it clearly.

Functions and objects

The difference between this

function LikeButton(param1, param2) {}

and this (note the ({}) )

function LikeButton({ param1, param2 }) {}

is that the parameters are an object inside the declaration of the function. This way you can group parameters and add personalized types (as interfaces). Like this:

interface IProps {
  handleLike: () => void;
  handleDislike: () => void;

function LikeButton({ handleLike, handleDislike }: IProps) {}

Adding auto-completion to config files

If you ever read this:

/** @type {import('@docusaurus/preset-classic').ThemeConfig} */

That is a special comment saying: “this below should abide by the preset-classic types.

You should npm install --save-dev @docusaurus/preset-classic to have the nice auto-completion 😉.

Do I use Interfaces or Types?

It doesn’t matter for the most part. For the record, I use interfaces.

If you want the details, check the source: Harry Wolff - Interfaces vs Types

Sort your imports with prettier-plugin-sorted

I really like isort for python, so I found an equivalent with prettier-plugin-sorted

what the heck is Pick, Omit, Exclude, Extract and Awaited? (and more)

These are “pick-able” types. See this video.

Common errors

Node-gyp error

solved in StackOverflow

this post comes from github, view it here